Marplat is now more ready than ever to serve the plumbing community in 2014 and beyond. Years of training room development have paid off big time for hundreds of plumbers throughout the tri state area and we are pleased to now offer the ability to “return the favor”. Click the PlumberCare™ link under technical support and fill out the online registration form to have your company added to the list of PlumberCare™ qualified installers. Once you are done, your company name will be listed online at our Web site for homeowners and business owners alike to find you.

Marplat Partners with PlumberCare™

Marplat is pleased to announce that it has partnered with PlumberCare™ to bring the best possible service to contractors. What is PlumberCare™ you ask? Well simply put it is a two-way commitment from us to the contractors and the contractors to us to be there for each other whenever the need arises. Today’s new equipment requires training, support, service and continuing education. It is our mission statement to follow the principles of PlumberCare™ and take support to new levels for our contractor base.

What does a contractor need to do to become a PlumberCare™ Installer of product? Aside from signing up at one of our many training sessions, all you have to do is install the products we represent in accordance with manufacturers specifications, local code and provide quality service to your customers, be they homeowners, businesses or other. Again, simply put, PlumberCare™ is a commitment to excellence across the board.

Read more about it by clicking here or browsing the Technical pages of our site.

2015 – Happy New Year!